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This is true for upright units and most grand pianos.Some grand piano makers stamped the number on the Soundboard but this is the exception rather than the rule.Matching carved wooden bench upholstered in tufted cognac leather.

This is especially true of units made by the Aeolian Corporation and Asian built units.But please understand that during the hours from 8AM-5PM EST (Mon-Sat), I'm generally quite busy. If you get the answering machine, please leave a detailed message stating the reason for your call.Also, repeat your name and phone number clearly and distinctly. And, if you call and just leave your name and number, and ask me to call you back, it might be a day or two before I return your call. Because I don't know why you want me to call and I might not be prepared to assist you in an effective and efficient manner.We have all of the schematic drawings and manuals for it.In 2007 the Blue book of pianos appraisal had it at ,580.00 by Robert T. Sadly, this family treasure must go to a new home as we are putting in a wood stove and want to make sure that the piano stays in great shape as it is a real treasure.Occasionally, the Serial Number is stenciled on the plate.And at least one maker placed the number on a fancy ivory tag which was affixed inside, near the top of the left side.I have had it in my garage for the past few years and need it gone. [email protected] (Posted 1 March 18) For Sale: Mills Violano Virtuoso rolls wanted. Please call, text or email Mike Clemens with list and prices. 717-464-5086 [email protected] (Posted 1 March 18) For Sale: A. Pencil markings on the frame that show tunings throughout the 20th Century. [email protected] (Posted 1 March 18) For Sale: 1902 Roth & Engelhardt Peerless Style D. Email: [email protected] questions or if you would like to see pictures.I would really like to see it go to someone who wants to restore it. [email protected] (Posted 1 March 18) Wanted: I am seeking from Da Sylva Brown Henderson copies of the following sheet music: Ooh I'm thinking, Home to Harlem, and Old Mother Nature Old Father Time. Rubber casters which allow for no-scratches on a hardwood floor. Americas first automatic coin operated player piano. But it is in very good condition and absolutely beautiful. -- (Posted 1 March 18) Wanted: A QRS Ampico player test roll.If you leave me an E-Mail address (which I prefer), spell it out phonetically. The more you do to help me, the more I can help you in return.

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