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[smilie=056.gif] Pnd or not, partic after funerals and tragic situations.

small steps - 1 thing at a time dont try and rush it. i'm here [smilie=056.gif][smilie=056.gif][smilie=056.gif][smilie=056.gif] Hi Anon Im sorry to read how you are feeling hun . I know that you dont want them tosee the sh but maybe it would help just to let them know that you are struggling. Sometimes, people have found that by doing something in recognition of how much they are missing that person can help.maybe you were pushig yourself for too many or too big a step.i know once i'm feeling a bit better i expect more and more of myslef to the point where i start failing cos i'm trying to do too much - dont know if that applies to you or not. at least maybe make appt to see her as soon as you can?I know that you did really well with small goals, so I wonder if perhaps you could identify a couple?Maybe we could see which one would be best for you to do at the moment? I know that since her death you have been really upset and struggling .Some people let a ballon go with a message attached to the person who has died or maybe you could you plant a tree or all year plant, that will grow over the years?That was a huge commitment to fulfill to her and her life and what she has meant to you.I'm sorry, it may already be on your thread but I wasn't able to find whether this was sudden or whether your Aunt had been ill for a while but you've had some really lovely ideas about special ways to remember her if you felt that might help.i know that doesnt help ease any of the pain and i know i can only really believe that when i'm having a better day but i'm going to believe it for you till you can see for yourself if thats ok?i know you prob dont want to hear this either really but you havent messed everything you - you saw you;r gp you told him masses of really tough stuff - say your hv - got prescritption collected- travelled home went to funeral and i htink you;re bakc now right?

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