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In the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA), the San Antonio Silver Stars and the Detroit Shock met in the best-of-five championship series in October.

The Shock prevailed, winning its third title in six years, by a score of 76–60 in game three to sweep the series.

Celtics coach Glenn (“Doc”) Rivers (Rivers, Glenn ) was the franchise's sixth head coach to win an NBA championship.

The Celtics set a record for the most victories at home in an NBA play-off season, finishing 13–1.

They also completed the single-best win–loss turnaround in league history, having gone from winning only 24 of 82 regular-season games in 2006–07 to winning a league-leading 66 games during the 2007–08 season.

The Celtics were just the third team ever to win the title after missing the previous postseason (the others were the 1974–75 Golden State Warriors and the 1976–77 Portland Trail Blazers).

Forward Katie Smith scored 18 points in the last game and was named MVP of the Finals.

Regarded by many observers as the best team throughout the entire 2007–08 college basketball season, the Memphis Tigers held a commanding 60–51 lead over the Kansas Jayhawks with just two minutes left in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship game.

Kansas decisively won that overtime to clinch the game by a score of 75–68 and capture the school's third national title.The Celtics' 2008 title was, among other things, a tribute to the team's veteran players.Forward Kevin Garnett and guard Ray Allen had joined the squad in off-season trades from the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Seattle Super Sonics, respectively.A free throw (worth one point) is awarded to any player fouled (through unwarranted physical contact) by another, two free throws if the foul occurs during the act of shooting. S., with games organized at the school and collegiate level for both sexes.Women first played the game under a markedly different set of rules.They score by tossing, or "shooting," an inflated ball through a raised hoop, or "basket," located in their opponent's end of the court.A goal is worth two points, three if shot from outside a specified limit. S., basketball quickly became popular throughout the U.A men's professional league was organized in 1898 but did not gain much of a following until 1949, when it was reconstituted as the National Basketball Association (NBA). The current Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA), owned by the NBA, was organized in 1997. A Basketball Hall of Fame is located in Springfield.In June 2008 the Boston Celtics, who accounted for more National Basketball Association (NBA) championships than any other franchise, won their record 17th title by thoroughly dominating and dismantling the generally favoured Los Angeles Lakers, closing out the best-of-seven series in six games.Forward Paul Pierce, the unanimous choice of a nine-member media panel as the Finals' Most Valuable Player (MVP), led the Celtics to a 131–92 deciding victory in game six—the largest margin of victory in a clinching game in the history of the championship series.With the title in hand, the Celtics could boast that they had defeated the Lakers 9 of the 11 times that the two storied teams had faced each other in the Finals.

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