Windows server reverse dns not updating

Some new third party tool or Windows Update patch is altering the registry security settings on some peoples' computers in a way that prevents GWX Control Panel from writing the registry settings that protect you from Windows 10.: This is happening because some unknown tool or service is changing the default registry security settings on some computers, but I have not yet figured out who the culprit is.How to fix it: To put your system back to "No" state, click the Prevent Automatic Windows 10 Upgrades button.Consider adjusting your Windows Update settings and/or using the Delete Windows 10 Programs feature of GWX Control Panel if you'd like to stop Windows from altering these settings while you're not looking. Chances are the "Delete Windows 10 Programs" feature will stop this behavior.The "Are Windows 10 Upgrades Allowed" field (before version 1.7 this used to be called "Are OS Upgrades Enabled in Windows Update") is an indication that one or more system settings related to Windows 10 upgrades was detected on your PC.

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Trust me, though, if GWX Control Panel says the app is running, it is running.Save diagnostic info creates a text file on your desktop and gives you a chance to open it in your default text editor to see what it says.For the Are Windows 10 Upgrades Allowed field, you want to look for the section of the report under Upgrade Flags.If the button starts with "Allow" that means upgrades are already being prevented.If you had any Windows 10 upgrade settings, the button would actually say "Prevent Windows 10 Upgrades." The upper "Information" section of the program is your computer's current status.New versions of GWX Control Panel often include improvements and fixes based on feedback I've gotten from users.Please be sure you're running the latest version of the program in case the problem you're having has already been addressed.The weird thing is I've encountered scripts and tools in the past that did similar things, and the latest version of GWX Control Panel ( at this writing) even has code explicitly meant to work around these problems, but in the past two weeks something new has been happening on some folks' PCs that GWX Control Panel is not yet able to combat. ) : While I work to figure out who is causing these problems and how GWX Control Panel can detect and fix it, there is a workaround that seems successful for the handful of people who've experienced the problem: The overwhelming majority of GWX Control Panel users do not experience this problem (and I'm not able to reproduce it here yet, since I don't know what's causing the permissions to change), but I'm planning to address the issue in the next update.Check the downloads page to see if there's a new version available.You'll see something like this: In the above example, GWX Control Panel discovered that the Disable OSUpgrade registry setting was missing.You might see different values there, depending on the state of your PC.

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