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TMZ’s phototag spoke to Tammy about the story, and Tammy admits that Lil Wayne is full of it.She basically calls him an out and out liar for spreading the story about her sleeping with Drake the day before she slept with Lil Wayne, and she says that if he goes through with his tell-all, she’s ready to tell her side of the story.We find it hard to believe that Tammy didn't catch wind of the fact that the celebrity gossip world was buzzing about her, but we can see why she would want to play dumb.If Wayne actually releases his memoir, there could be a big payday in it for Ms. She could either sue him for defamation of character, or sell her version of the story.She's not denying the basics, but she made it clear one's better than the other.Tammy says she's been out of the country (apparently somewhere without Internet), but if Wayne decides to go forward with his tell-all book, she'll be ready to tell her side.A few days back, excerpts from an upcoming Lil Wayne book leaked and words on it says Drake confessed to sleeping with Lil Wayne’s girl while he was locked up in Rikers Island.The book doesn’t say exactly who the woman was but a little sleuthing has revealed it is most likely Tammy Torres, who was in Lil Wayne’s 2008 ‘Mrs.

At that point, it didn't matter to me when it f--king happened...because the f--king happen." Or at least it would be messed up ...

Of course, this is just another stone in the never-ending feud between Lil Wayne and Drake, and yet another addition to the anthem of feuds in rapper/music land.

It seems like every week we get word of yet another feud starting or ending, but I think it’s fair to say that both Lil Wayne and Drake are not going to be besties anytime soon.

Officer’ video, and who was apparently dating Wayne during his 2010 incarceration on gun charges.

I had a red bone, but she be tripping though, All that bullshit is for the birds, she was pigeon toed, She used to always say, f*ck my niggas, And when I went to jail, she f*cked my niggas 2.

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