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‘We heard about it like everyone else, by reading the newspapers.

She doesn’t mention his name now and tells me off if I do. She has since said, more than once, that the break-up was the best thing for her.

The pair began dating after meeting on the set of 2005 horror flick The Jacket, where University of Pennsylvania graduate Satsuki was working as a production and development executive.

Her other film credits include Robert De Niro thriller Godsend and Maggie Gyllenhaal-vehicle Criminal.

Her own six-year romance with him netted her nothing more permanent than the consolation prize of an admittedly impressive Cartier diamond engagement ring he presented her with in 2007.

While some of her circle in LA were letting it be known this week that the Japanese-American Miss Mitchell had stoically moved on, her father Christopher confessed to the Mail this week that her emotions remain very much on the raw side.

Satsuki showed obvious strain after the split and her father says she was so upset that her weight plummeted, even prompting him to ask if she was suffering from an eating disorder.Satsuki, who also shared Craig’s £4 million home close to London’s Regent’s Park, is said to have discounted rumours circulating on set that the leading man and lady had become close.Members of the crew were already whispering that 41-year-old Miss Weisz, the star of the blockbuster movie franchise The Mummy, had fallen ‘head-over-heels’ for her rugged-looking screen love interest.Did you know that Rachel was a radical feminist at university?Did you know that for the most part, Rachel likes, according to friends, The whole [wedding] event, which apparently was followed by a quiet meal and an early night, was carried out amid the sort of secrecy of which 007 himself would no doubt have been proud.When American beauty Satsuki Mitchell began appearing on Daniel Craig's arm at red carpet events in 2006 she became the envy of women everywhere.With her exotic looks and slim physique, it's easy to see how she caught the eye of the handsome Bond actor.Just the sort of out-of-the-way place that would be ideal for the reluctant Bond, his new wife and the family they may be about to start. While I have sympathy for Satsuki, I also tend to think… She can claim that the split was the “best” thing for her and everything, but at the end of the day, she still got to nail Daniel Craig for five years, and that’s got to be one of highlights of any woman’s life.The more I read about Rachel and Daniel, the more I feel like they were just two forces of nature coming together, exploding with each other. Oh, and I guess the British papers are just out-right claiming that Rachel is pregnant too. costar Gemma Arterton is engaged to the British actor’s Italian stunt double, Stefano.“They are really loved up and it’s great to see Gemma looking so happy,” a source close to the actress revealed.

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