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Goldsmith enrolled at the University of Bristol in 1993 and studied English, but dropped out when she married in 1995.She eventually completed her bachelor's degree in March 2002 with upper second-class honours.He stays with Jemima’s mother, Lady Annabel Goldsmith, when he is visiting England.He even leapt to Jemima’s defence when, last year, she was dragged into a particularly nasty spat with his second wife, the weathergirl Reham Khan.(In 1900 it was 12 yrs because of death, now it's 12 yrs because of divorce) So if we want to beat the odds, we shouldn’t really be marrying before the age of 70.

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‘I took it as the clear signal I needed that our time was finally up, though of course I’d known that for months.

Easier this, than to take responsibility for the decision myself.’One guest said: ‘Russell made a beeline for Jemima and they started to make out on the sofa in full view of the whole room.

None of us had a clue that they were dating until that point. I heard that Matthew had to ask them to break it up and get a room.’Jemima had first met Brand — a recovering bulimic, drug addict and sex addict — in 2007 when they were both guests of a charity, the Hoping Foundation, which works for the benefit of Palestinian refugee children.

She was still with Hugh Grant, and Brand was in the middle of a dizzying sexual free-for-all with multiple casual partners and glamour models.

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