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It expressed his rage and anger towards his life, the people he knows and boomed his career to new heights.He wrote a song expressing his anger for Kim, ’97 Bonnie and Clyde’ in 1997.So get complete list Eminem current/ past girlfriends or who is Eminem dating right now?An interested factor here is that he chooses a girl (his school friend) for married.He also dated Britney Spears, Tara Reid, Gina Lynn in 2003, Marni Bright in 2007 and Tracy Mcnew in 2008. We really hope he finds his lady love soon or soonest! Eminem news, gossip, photos of Eminem, biography, Eminem girlfriend list 2016. I can say eminem is not dating the woman in this pic because it is me!

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Tracy Mc New (2008) – They were RUMORed to be dating ... Rosenberg – management (Eminem); Tracy Mc New – management ( Eminem); Marc Labelle – tour manager (Eminem); Theo Sedlmayr – legal ( Eminem and Shady Records); Lisa Donini – legal (Eminem and Shady Records); John Fisher – A&R administrator (Eminem); Dart Parker – A&R (Shady Records); Mike ... Eminem and Tracy Mcnew have been rumored to be dating since 2008, though the rapper`s rep says she is just part of his management team. Eminem and Kim married in 1999 in a private ceremony but it didn’t last too long.They both got separated and Kim filed for divorce just after two years of their marriage. They both got married again in 2006 but things got even worse than before.Although before divorce they has three children and they all are before married life.After this divorce again Eminem dating number of top models and singer but never married any of them. Now there is not any rumor come that Eminem is serious with any girl so one must need to wait more to get answer of this question.Eminem started participating in rap battles and events as he wanted to begin his rap career. But same year Kimberly got pregnant and things got complicated. She became the inspiration of his career and he recorded an album named ‘Infinite’.He caught eyes of producer named Marky Bass in such an event and he started working with him. But being too young and raising a kid also affected his relationship with Kimberly.There’s a long List of Women in Eminem’s Girlfriends… Explore more about Eminem’s past Girlfriends and Check whom Eminem dating now?Well, the famous rapper Eminem is liked by women all over the world.The Hip Hop Rapper- in the News from past two decades he is considered a legend in Rap! Eminem Girlfriend includes names like Brittany Andrews, Britney Spears, Tara Reid, Gina Lynn, Marni Bright and so on! (*scared*) For me, only thing more confusing them Leonardo dicaprio’s movie Inception is, Who the hell is girlfriend of Eminem. Marshall Bruce Mathers III, 43, known as ‘Eminem’ is an American song writer, rapper, producer, actor. There have been rumors about his relationships recently. But before we come to present lets take a look at his love life which is full of violence, heartbreak and of course love.

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