Who is dating kelly rowland

Kelly: No, like you know how you get a chance to party ’cause we did that together, you know what I mean and I’m so grateful for the opportunity and it was so wonderful so I’m just gonna party with, you know nelly and my family and my friends.

TRL: That’s really great you and nelly up for record of the year.

TRL: Another fan with another question live right now. TRL: I got robert here now robert you been waitin’ to your question what’s going on. TRL: Has for your questions, y’alllly you brought the world premiere of your new video. [Cheering]TRL: The wor premiere of kell Rowland’s “can’t nobody” what y’all think of that[Cheering]TRL: I know they’re into it. TRL: Kelly thank you for stoppin’ by we appreciate it.

Robert: My name is robert from astoria queens new york, i know next tuesday is your birthday and i wanted to knowyour plans f yourirday Kelly: I’m going to be working my birthday no ahh, it’s all right. I’ve been workin’ on my birthday I don’t know how long but we’ve all done that the great thing you is know it is another year god has blessed me with another year and, uhm, that’s it. I have me a little cake do a little’ afterward fi want to but i think I’ll be chillin. Kelly: Big boom shot the video, thank you, that i can you, thank you, thank you beenny, i love you thank you. A fabulous job i can’t wait ’til everybody sees it I’m really excited a lot of the video here is my new video “can’t nobody” world premiere!

But Jay Z – whose post-Met Gala elevator fight with Solange has gone viral – stayed home with daughter Blue Ivy.

The couple kept things simple, hosting the festivities in two private residences and forgoing bridesmaids and groomsmen, a source tells PEOPLE. Destiny’s Child BFFs Beyoncé and Michelle Williams made the trip, along with Beyoncé’s sister Solange and her boyfriend.

She certainly stuck to her word: Rowland previously told PEOPLE that she wanted low-key wedding plans.

“I think we really just want it to be us and our pastor. “I mean, we are the only two that [are] going to be in the marriage.” Rumors of Rowland’s quiet nuptials surfaced earlier this week, when she and her former bandmates were spotted arriving in Costa Rica for vacation.

There was no book about moms and what happens to her physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Quantasia Sharpton was the first to publicly accuse the singer after filing her suit in August and holding a press conference with celeb attorney Lisa Bloom.

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