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If I make the Win PE disc should I choose 3.1, 4.0 or 5?I think it has more tools but I am asking if one can recover an image about as easily as Linux? To best answer your question I think it is necessary to know how you created an image in the first place.I'm using Peta Linux 2014.4 (kernel 3.17) and the Pico Zed board. I currently have 4.0 I have never used this so is it straight forward in that I could recover with it as well as Linux?

When rotating external network infrastructure endpoints, Start-Secret Rotation should be executed via an Invoke-Command script block with the Azure Stack environment's privileged endpoint session passed in as the session parameter.

This is most likely the case when building a Windows PE disc as Linux is a whole different beast.

If you intend to restore this image to different hardware then you'll want to make sure that the rescue disc you use can recognize the hard drives when you boot it.

I might be wrong but the version of Win PE corresponds with what version of Windows you want it to run.

Win PE 2.0 = XP, 3.0 = Vista, 4.0 = 7, 5.0 = 8, 5.1 = 8.1, etc.

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