What happened to we want fun adult

Here, there are actually two things that matter: personality traits and the pre-anger state.Starting with the personality traits, we know that there are certain characteristics that make people more likely to experience anger (e.g., narcissism, competitiveness, low-frustration tolerance).the 3 of us have always followed inspiration wherever it leads us.sometimes that inspiration leads to fun music, sometimes it leads to musical endeavors outside of fun. We want to treat YOU GUYS (our amazing fan base) with the respect you deserve; and that is by making music when we are fully ready to make it and never giving you guys anything that is less than 100%.Trigger event To start, let's look at the simplest part of this formula: the trigger event.There is always some sort of event that happens right before someone gets angry that serves as the trigger (e.g., being cut off in traffic, being insulted by a coworker).

Which is fine, but it's not an argument for something being morally wrong.

Individual characteristics What, then, are the other elements that cause our anger?

First, there are the characteristics of the individual--in this case, the person who was cut off or insulted.

Typically, people think that their anger is me so mad." The implication here is that those events caused their anger directly, and there were no other mitigating factors. If it were, everyone would respond the same way to such situations.

In other words, we would all react the same when we were cut off in traffic or when we were insulted.

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