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married, seemed to be running in slightly different Hollywood circles at the time.

Jeffrey was known for his role on Grey's Anatomy and recently ended his engagement to Weeds star Mary Louise Parker, while Hilarie was still starring in One Tree Hill and recently divorced Ian Prange, an assistant director on the show.

Areas of responsibility include: overseeing editorial content and management of biological sciences team f.cesari#nature.com* Education: BSc, Biochemistry, and Ph D, Biochemistry, University of Navarra, Spain; postdoctoral work, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Areas of responsibility include: cancer, translational medicine, gene therapy, genome editing, biotechnology.

The event, which has developed a cult following, was originally hosted by Cooper and Kathy Griffin.

CNN dropped Griffin however after she released photos of herself holding a bloodied imitation of President Donald Trump’s severed head.

Ritu studied Genetics at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London and undertook a masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at University College, London.

r.dhand#nature.com* Helen oversees all the magazine content for as a reporter back in 2001, and has been writing and editing articles for the journal ever since.

Prior to that, she spent over 10 years in cancer research, completing her Ph D at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and University College London, London and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS.To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser (or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer)."I happened to be single and Jensen said, 'I've got a girl you should meet,'" the Walking Dead star explained. "We ended up back at my house drinking shots of tequila."So I went to a bar and I met Hilarie at a bar with Jensen and Danneel, and the rest is history." After the host asked how he dealt with the stress of a blind date, Jeffrey admitted he had a few drinks to loosen up. But she was really cool and somehow I talked her into going to — I was on my way to do a movie called The Resident in New Mexico and she was on her way to Paris — and I talked her into, instead of going to Paris, to come and see me in New Mexico.During a joint appearance on the “Tonight Show” Friday, Cooper told host Jimmy Fallon that the pair had been set up on a blind date but that Cohen blew it by breaking a cardinal Cooper dating rule while they were discussing the logistics over the phone.“We were set up on a blind date, we had a phone call to set up the date.So after both stars found themselves single, Jensen took it upon himself to make some moves.In an interview with Huff Post Live in 2015, Jeffrey opened up about his costar setting them up on a blind date, and the story will basically turn you into mush.Areas of responsibility include: neurobiology, systems biology, synthetic biology, protein folding and design.t.chouard#nature.com* Education: BSc, University of Durham; Ph D, Imperial Cancer Research Fund; postdoctoral fellowship, Onyx Pharmaceuticals.

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