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When we requested a data dump from Human Resources (HR), we found that much of the information was incomplete. It does not mean that my boss will take me out for lunch, or even buy me flowers .My problem is that the Help Desk people do not appear to enjoy doing this job and therefore they are sloppy. However, it does mean that I intend to do what I want today (except for the three meetings I have, and the one report I have to generate).

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Websense Data Security includes a mechanism that forwards database data to an external script for processing before fingerprinting.

The input file, received from Data Security, is a CSV file with a header row containing the database column names.

Each line is delimited by a valid windows line break (CRLF), and all values are double-quotes escaped.

Normally, the error message would appear without these emendations.)If the parameter is mandatory (as in the case of this script) I like to use the mandatory parameter attribute.

When I do this, I also like to supply a help message that will be displayed if the function is called without supplying a value for the parameter.

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