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A UML activity diagram of the IGSTK guidewire placement application is illustrated in Figure 3. Activity Diagram Illustrating Guidewire Tracking Scenario. An activity diagram is an effective collaboration medium for software engineers and clinicians. All major medical vendors of CT and MRI scanners provide a DICOM capability.

One can infer requirements from this activity diagram for all three requirements classifications defined earlier. , Valgrind is a suite of tools for debugging and profiling Linux programs.

Description : The core tripartite harmonised ICH Guideline was finalised under Step 4 in July 1997.

Approaches to requirements engineering and management are not well-defined within standard agile development venues.Once a developer identifies new potential requirements (Conceptualized box in Figure 1), s/he posts a text description on the collaborative Wiki (Defined).At the same time, the initial code that fulfills the requirements is entered into a sandbox repository.Application requirements define how the target system will execute with respect to its use in the surgical environment.These classifications were derived from the author’s earlier work defining a product line development process called Component-Based Product Line Analysis and Development (C-PLAD) [REF].These two groups tend to speak in totally different terms.In IGSTK, the best way for software engineers to collaborate with clinicians was to considering application scenarios.Significant expertise is needed to develop effective image-guided surgical applications.Development processes require a close connection between subject matter experts (SMEs) and software engineers.The requirement then undergoes an iterative review process where team members review, discuss, and potentially modify the requirement.Based on the team’s decision, requirements are rejected or accepted.

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