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This summer, she interned with the UW Health In-Roads program, which provides clinical experience to racially diverse student populations.Off campus, she has served on former New York Mayor Bloomberg’s Council and as the Youth Spokesperson for the YMCA of Greater New York.Helen’s artwork in glass explores the “third place” experience of first-generation immigrant Americans as well as her own her identity as a bilingual Chinese American.With the help of her graduate students, she teaches a three-day summer glass workshop for the local chapter of Girls, Inc.

Details about many of the locations are in Thomas T. in the Alumni Lounge of the Pyle Center, 716 Langdon Street.To register for this year’s event, go to Outstanding Women of Color Reception Class of 2017.The purpose of this document is to describe the coordination and funding responsibilities different entities on campus have in providing commonly anticipated academically‐based accommodations to UW‐Madison students with disabilities.The tenth annual class of Outstanding Women of Color awardees will honored at a reception on Thursday, Feb. The event to celebrate this year’s honorees is open to the campus and community.In 1983, she became the first African American woman in Wisconsin to hold a cabinet-level position, as Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing.She is currently the President of Barbara Nichols Consulting.Further, she provides monthly cultural competence and social justice training for area teachers and serves as the faculty liaison for a collaboration between the School of Education and Madison Metropolitan School District that aims to diversify the teacher workforce.From student engagement to organization development to food justice, Beverly Hutcherson is truly dedicated to advocating for equity for under-represented populations.In a campus tradition dating back to 2007-2008, the celebration of women who share their exceptional scholarship with the campus and community through their dedicated work, outreach and impact was an outgrowth of a similar award launched by UW System in 1994.Replicated by retired UW-Madison Assistant Vice Chancellor Ruby Paredes, more than 50 UW-Madison women of color have been honored in the past decade by their nominators, colleagues.

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