Updating wmi

Note: When installing BITS 2.0 on Windows 2000 SP4 machines, a restart is required.

This means that if you do not have BITS 2.0, then ccmsetup will stop the install and wait until the next process of reboot before it starts the next process.

Once or twice I saw an RPC DISCONNECTED type error but I can't reproduce it.

This is the usual error message: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A138A At C:\Users\MD\One Drive\Documents\Mechanical Investing\GTR1\Daily Runs\Temp1.ps char:1 $screener = $ie.Elements By Name("submit") | Where-Object { ... COMException So the initial navigation to the website, and first button click work fine, but the second one doesn't.

• BITS: BITS 2.0 is required for Windows 2000 clients.

BITS 2.5 is used for most of the Windows operating systems with the exception of Windows Vista which uses BITS 3.0.

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You also do not need to use CCMClean to uninstall the client as the uninstall switch can be used instead.Check the Firewall Enabled or Disabled if enabled,allow the ports to talk to site server.Guide to add Ports to the firewall to allow the required files or policies to download. Check Boundaries (could be (AD site or IP Range or IP Subnet) of the Agent are specified in the site server 3.I am not sure how many of you have tried adding the Convenience Rollup (KB3125574) to a Windows 7 SP1 image from a stock SP1 ISO, but I’ve just had the experience of trying to take an SP1 WIM without any updates to fully patched, including the rollup, as part of a deployment. While there may be multiple ways to achieve this, I tried a few approaches and ended up settling on this particular approach which was repeatable (paths below are the ones I used – obviously substitute for your own). $erroractionpreference = "Continue" $ie = New-Object -Com Object Internet Explorer. What SHOULD happen is that the "run screener" button is then clicked and a list of SP500 stocks is shown.Here is the check list which i have prepared to follow in brief when you do perform client installation using your method .There are a various types of along with the need to meet specific business requirements.Schema extension and ensure attributes published into AD system management container (you can see component status if there are any errors while updating the system Management container with attributes) 4.Check the if there no DNS issue in the client and that client is able to resolve the SCCM server Net BIOS as well as FQDN without any issues. Check if the Client is able to talk to Management Point or not using the following Links. Check if WMI is working or not ,if not try repairing the WMI by stopping WMI service and renaming repository folder (C:\Windows\System32\wbem) and start the service.Regarding windows 2000 clients, they don't support MSRDC, so Windows 2000 clients cannot be branch DP’s. Once you see, client installation succeeded with exit code 0 from ccmsetup.log, You may confirm that,installation is done but it doesn't mean,client is healthy and able to receive policies /send information to Management Point.Windows XP and later will install this utility and the associated windows server code will be used to install the bits. We will soon check couple of logs to confirm the client is functioning as expected.

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