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It is low bandwidth aware and is the single way to launch client deployment.You also do not need to use CCMClean to uninstall the client as the uninstall switch can be used instead.Schema extension and ensure attributes published into AD system management container (you can see component status if there are any errors while updating the system Management container with attributes) 4.Check the if there no DNS issue in the client and that client is able to resolve the SCCM server Net BIOS as well as FQDN without any issues. Check if the Client is able to talk to Management Point or not using the following Links. Check if WMI is working or not ,if not try repairing the WMI by stopping WMI service and renaming repository folder (C:\Windows\System32\wbem) and start the service.

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Some of the components that are used in the client deployment process includes the following: • CCMSetup.exe: Used to Install, uninstall and upgrade the SCCM 2007 client using client push installation or manual installation.Note: When installing BITS 2.0 on Windows 2000 SP4 machines, a restart is required.This means that if you do not have BITS 2.0, then ccmsetup will stop the install and wait until the next process of reboot before it starts the next process. Navigate($url) while ($ie.busy) $backtest = $ie.Elements By Name("submit") | Where-Object $backtest.click() #shows SP500 backtest results while ($ie.busy) $screener = $ie.Elements By Name("submit") | Where-Object $screener.click() #shows list of SP500 stocks while ($ie.busy) The program navigates to a stock backtesting website with a simple screen, clicks on the "run backtest" button, and this part works fine; I can watch the progress in the visible IE session.But the updated (after the first click) website information does not come back to the script, apparently.You can now open the configuration manager Applet from control Panel and go to actions tab,check if you are able to if you are able to see more than 5 actions(total around 11) displaying or not which means that client is healthy and is ready/sent its inventory information to SCCM site server.You should be able to see the Client with SCCM client Installed and assigned Yes more information about SCCM client log files,please refer Tech Net Now its time to do the actual troubleshooting why client is not getting the above policy agents or not reported to SCCM console with Client YES and Installed YES 1.• Microsoft Windows Installer v3.1 v2 (KB 893803): Update to all operating systems except Windows Server 2003 SP1 and later • Windows Update Agent (WUA) version 7.0.6000.363: Used on clients to support detection of applicable updates and deployment • MSXML6- Windows installer script for installing the Core XML Services • MSRDC (Remote Differential Compression): Required for branch DP to support binary differential replication.For more information on binary differential replication, please visit It will take few min depends on your network to download and execute the files to complete the installation .I am not sure how many of you have tried adding the Convenience Rollup (KB3125574) to a Windows 7 SP1 image from a stock SP1 ISO, but I’ve just had the experience of trying to take an SP1 WIM without any updates to fully patched, including the rollup, as part of a deployment. While there may be multiple ways to achieve this, I tried a few approaches and ended up settling on this particular approach which was repeatable (paths below are the ones I used – obviously substitute for your own). $erroractionpreference = "Continue" $ie = New-Object -Com Object Internet Explorer. What SHOULD happen is that the "run screener" button is then clicked and a list of SP500 stocks is shown.

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