Updating slingbox

FOr example say you have a Sling Box Pro you would use a file such as Sb Pb Pro Fw V1_3_80Hw V1_0_3 If it has Solo or AV or Pro HD in the name then that file would be for that particular box.The first set of letters are the firmware version of the file.Your older Slingbox model is normally updated automatically when it's on and connected to the Internet.

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It in no way should be considered as a recommended fix.

Fortunately there is a work around, actually a couple of them that you can use to revert back to the older firmware.

Older Sling Player programs for Windows will allow you to install a firmware version older that the one you may have installed.

Have you ever upgraded the Firmware on your Slingbox only to find out that it does not work as well as the old firmware did? But for some reason several people have had problems with an update and they just want to go back to the old firmware they had. Sling Media does not allow you to revert back to a previous firmware on your Slingbox after you have upgraded.

If you try and do this via the setup program you will be told that the firmware is older than you are currently running and it won’t let you change it.

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