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It might sound kinda scary to do this and if you do mess it up you may break your Slingbox but it is actually very easy to do. Under Windows XP running Sling Player Version 2.0.3or newer they will be located in the “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sling Media\Sling Player.0\Firmware” folder.Then you need to find which Sling Box firmware file you would use for your particular box.This is what you want, if there is a new firmware update that comes out you will be automatically notified and you won’t have to change that file just to upgrade to it.We are not offering this information as a suggested fix for any problem that you may have with your Slingbox or Slinging experience.Your older Slingbox model is normally updated automatically when it's on and connected to the Internet.But there are some instances when you may need to manually update it. Legacy Sling Player says "Invalid Slingbox ID" when I try to update the firmware on my Slingbox Classic If the firmware on your original ("Classic") Slingbox is very old, attempts to update it may produce an Invalid Slingbox ID error.In addition, if not done properly or if you have other problems with your Slingbox you could end up making it non responsive or “locked up”. I recently brushed the dust off of my Sling Box so I could set it up and allow my Dad could watch some local Basketball games.

If something does go wrong, just press the Reset button (on the back panel of the Slingbox) briefly, and let the process happen again.The older version will install in your \Program Files\Sling Media\Slingplayer folder.If you want to keep the old program and install a newer Slingplayer you can do that by just renaming the \Slingplayer folder something different and then install the new version. But there are others available, if you Google, it that would work for Windows, Mac, Unix.In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can instruct the person at home to press the Reset button on the back of the Slingbox. Now it can't control your video source because the onscreen remote control has stopped working.Are you having problems using the onscreen remote control after a Slingbox Software update? Are you having trouble updating your Slingbox firmware?This is just how-to information on changing back to older firmware.It in no way should be considered as a recommended fix.Follow the directions below to upgrade your Sling Box’s firmware using your Internet Explorer browser via Sling live in the So Bro neighborhood of Louisville, KY with my daughter and our cat Apollo.Are you having difficulty updating your Slingbox firmware (software) with your older Slingbox model?How do I update the firmware on my Slingbox PRO, SOLO, or PRO-HD?

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