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(X will be a numeric value indicating your PSP region). The choice is normally between PRO, ME and Infinity.The selection process will also take in to account what firmware version you have.However, your PSP must be able to support this as certain models do not.The Hackinformer guide will inform you whether this process is compatible with your PSP.There is normally a wider choice if you are okay to go down the non-permanent route, but if you intend to use the features of CFW every time you use your PSP, you will need to reinstall the CFW every time you start your PSP, which will become quickly tedious. versions will find that a majority of the CFW choices out there are permanent.Sony fixed up some of the exploits used to make the CFW permanent in the 3000, E3000 series and in special cases some of the 2000, so you may have a tougher job finding a permanent CFW for these.For those living in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa –You can try Digital Comics now!Visit to get a free voucher for Transformers: All Hail Megatron #1 (12 ) and twitter.com/Psncomics for Aleister Arcane #1 (12 ) .

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You should see a folder named PSP (If your archive contained a folder named GAME, then open up the PSP folder).

You can also now import photo and video playlists that you created on your PS3 to your PSP. We are planning to unleash it in other countries during 2010, and will update you as soon as we have more details.

Digital Comics is a unique service coming to the Play Station family, where you can enjoy new and classic catalogues.

The common feature of all custom firmware available for the PSP is to relax the signing process for PSP applications, so that applications that developers that aren’t Sony approved can be installed.

All forms of CFW will mention whether or not they are permanent.

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