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Kro-gu Jewelers flagship store located in the Caribbean on the beautiful paradise island of St.

John is internationally branding the Kro-gu Jewelry as a brand.

Stephen was incredibly kind and patient and helped me to select the perfect ring!! Thank you Stephen for your patience and kindness - I will be back for sure! Also for the men the shop has the best selection of cigars on the island. This is definitely a shop you don't want miss when visiting St John Beautifully made one of a kind jewelry. Its great variety of forms is the result of daily artisanal process , reflecting the diversity of emotions that affects the silversmithing artist.Our jewelry carries 950 mark because we use 95% of silver (and 5%of copper) instead of 92.5% (925) sterling silver.I am Alexander, the lead developer for libraries that ship with the Wiring distribution. Small changes have been made to conform with the latest library specification, but the functional code is intact.I will be maintaining my libraries here: As of version 1.0 - Wiring supports Arduino boards. To notify of changes or raise issues visit: https://github.com/Chris--A/Keypad ---- 3.0 2015-09-18 - Christopher Andrews : Copied to Git Hub for modern IDE library manager.2.0 2011-12-29 - Mark Stanley : Added Nick Gammon's changes. It improves readability of the code by hiding the pin Mode and digital Read calls for the user.2.0 2011-12-29 - Mark Stanley : Added wait For Key() 2.0 2011-12-23 - Mark Stanley : Rewrote state machine.2.0 2011-12-23 - Mark Stanley : Significant speed improvements.1.8 2011-11-29 - Tom Putzeys : Enabled internal pull-ups on non-active columns1.8 2011-11-21 - Mark Stanley : Added test for version 1.0 of the IDE 1.8 2009-07-08 - Alexander Brevig : Added no restrictions on sizes or keymaps1.8 2009-07-08 - Alexander Brevig : Added no restrictions on sizes or keymaps See source files for a complete change history. As of version 3.0 it now supports mulitple keypresses. Keypad library is part of the Hardware Abstraction libraries.The word "Kro-gu" is derived from the Old Slavic and means "binding" or "a band around a finger".Kro-gu is a free form and dynamic , like a sculpture.Set the amount of milliseconds the keypad will wait until it accepts a new keypress/key Event. If multiple key presses occur within that time frame (as would happen when a key is bouncing) then those extra presses are simply ignored.Owner description: Recognizable, yet each piece is a truly one of a kind functioning work of art.

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