Updating jpanel wow launcher stuck on updating

My question is how to update a JPanel (and probably its container window) in a Net Beans Platform project. After doing some searching about set Content Pane on the com site, I realized that what I need to do is something like Content Pane(drawing Area); (at least that is what I think I need ... I am working on a chess program and its almost done.

I've got a window belonging to a module in the project. Hallo all, I am working on an application and i am using AWT (because i don't know Swing! My application has a Frame using Border Layout and three Panels that are set in the WEST, SOUTH and CENTER positions of my Frame. My problem is this: If i press a button on the WEST Panel ..Event Dispatch Thread (EDT) handles the painting, so when you do a 'long task', the EDT is blocked until the long task is finished. the problem i am having is that it is a network program, and moves are sent from one game to the other.

background and where components get added) of the JFrame.

So if the later paint Component() code is also in the same class as the line above, then the program is doing exactly what you told it to (which might be completely different than what you *want* it to do.

) Welcome to the Java Ranch, Nathan, First of all, Thanks for the advice!

Maybe the paint Component you're showing us is in a subclass of JFrame, instead of in the JPanel?

Hello everyone, I know this may be an annoying question, but spending the whole day today with Google didn't help. Secondly, The line: Content Pane(this); is in the same class as the other code that was posted, and what you said makes sense. JFrame; public class Flash Execute { private static String [] Phrases = ; /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub JFrame frame = new JFrame ("Flash ( Proof of Concept)"); Flash panel ...

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