Updating corporate records

Occasionally, you will encounter an employee who is suspicious about what kind of employee records are retained by their Human Resources department.These are the employees who are most likely to request a copy of their employee files.

Personnel files are the main employee records utilized by the employer, the employee, and the employee's manager, in some companies.You need to have an employee personnel record viewing policy in your employee handbook and follow it indiscriminately with regard to employee requests to view their files.If an employee sends a written request for a copy of their personnel records after they leave your employment, you are required to send them a copy.Keeping the I-9s in a separate location will ensure that if you are selected for a Federal I-9 file review, government employees will not have access to any other records about the employee or her employment with your organization with the exception of the actual I-9 form.These investigations are increasing each year so make certain that your employees have properly filled out I-9 forms or you can be subject to fines and potentially jail time.Again, without discrimination, make a copy of the file and send it.(You will likely receive feedback that the employee was surprised by how little documentation the HR staff retained.)In some jurisdictions, it is lawful to charge the employee for the cost of duplicating and sending the file.Such everyday performance notes belong in the file that managers keep to track the performance, goals, and contributions of their employees. Payroll files contain a history of the employee's jobs, departments, compensation changes, garnishments, loans, and other information essential to paying an employee and keeping a copy of the employee's compensation history.The payroll file will also contain the history of government forms such as the W-2, W-4, and social security withholding documents filled out by the employee.Want to know what employee records to maintain as an employer?The employer maintains four employee record files for each employee.

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