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Simply link any i Web site to your Facebook account.Following an update, i Web adds the changes to your profile, alerting your friends and providing them with a handy link.I mentioned in my post about i Web 09 that one of the new widgets included when the next version of i Web comes out has the ability to update your Facebook profile with a link to your blog/i Web site when you publish something new. I hear you cry; because people who have you as a friend on Facebook but don’t necessarily subscribe to your RSS feed will know you have a new post published and will come visit your site to investigate. This micro-blogging platform seems to have become a bit of a phenomenom of late and you either love it or hate it.

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All three versions include a “Follow Me” back to the Tweeters site.So it's great to have an expert to rely on when the computer decides to stump me.Let’s face it, i Web is (and still will be when the new version comes out) pretty unfriendly when it comes to search engine optimization. I have a site already and I am trying to make changes to it, when I publish it to a folder it all looks fine, but when I upload it the website just comes up as the last one I made and not the new one I have adjusted. Hi John, Thank you for your expertise and, more important, for your kindness because they make me, almost, look forward to my next computer problem.After the next problem comes, I'll be delighted to correspond again with you. But system administration has never been one of my talents.Note: This post was created based on the first release of i Web. Steven wrote in because he couldn’t change the color of his hyperlinks using the i Web interface. Apple doesn’t support changing the color in i Web, but it can be done a couple ways. If you take this route you avoid wiping out your tweaks the next time you publish from i Web. Here’s something else to consider – Put multiple domain files in play. So to get our i Web sites noticed, we Mac users have to play a bit smarter and find other tried and tested methods of promoting our beautifully hand-crafted content.One such method is through social media and over the next few weeks I am going to publish a series of posts on how social media can help you get your site noticed along with tutorials on getting your linked up.

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