Understanding historical dating

References to historical dates under either classification shouldn't create confusion in a researcher's mind.Major historical dates such as 1492 AD, 1776 AD or 1941 AD would still be rendered as 1492 CE, 1776 CE and 1941 CE.By studying the past we can see the roots of the present and we can better understand our world neighbours.Learning about the past gives us a framework for making decisions about the issues that wee face today.The manner of presenting the material is very concise and it tends to be critical. The article touches upon 3) those drawing the reader's attention to the major points of the contents: The author emphasizes the idea of... The summary writer appreciates the material from his point of view and uses as a rule a wide range of clichés, which can be divided into several groups: 1) those introducing the heading and the author: The article (text) is head-lined The head-line of the article (I have read) is The article is entitled The author of the article (text) is The article is written by 2) those introducing the leading theme of the original paper: The text deals with ... It also helps us understand how our actions will affect the people of tomorrow. The available pieces can be fitted together in many ways.History has been called a conversation between the present and the past. Each generation of historians tries to put together the available pieces of the puzzle and to interpret the picture that emerges.

Historians do not just collect facts, they examine the information they collect and then decide how to interpret it.We can see how people of the distant past had to face some of the very same problems we face today.And we can appreciate connections that bind together people and all time periods and all areas of the world.During the 20 century the study of history has been revolutionized, partly through the contributions of other disciplines, such as the sciences and anthropology.The deciphering of the Egyptian and Babylonian inscriptions was of great importance.Summary Making Summaries are often found in academic work.A summaryis the shortest account of the main content and conclusions of the original text. Now read the text Science: The Endless Resource and study its sample summary.A generation later, Thucydides brought to history a strong sense of the political and military ambitions of his native Athens.His close account of the Peloponnesian War was continued by Xenophon.English chroniclers of this period are Bede, William Malmesbury and Matthew Paris.The Renaissance revived historical writing and the study of history both by restoring classical models and by creating the science of textual criticism.

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