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After all of the paper pieces are cut out you will begin to Mod Podge them to the individual game pieces.

Each wooden piece will get two end-caps and one question.

Dare is basically the task or challenge which need to be done otherwise there will be a plenty or a punishment. Are you looking for some awesome truth and Dare questions for Kids? I have often heard from few people that they don’t find enough good questions on net so I thought of bringing our creative brains together to fix that problem.

But if the player chooses Truth he will have to answer to the question truthfully. Here are some good collections of Checkout: General truth and dare questions Teens are the age of growth and when it comes on to playing truth or dare Games, they find in a huge interest to play with.

You will repeat this process three times for each piece for the three different papers that will be attached.

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To finish them off, simply take your sponge brush and brush another thin layer of Mod Podge right over the top of the printable.Ahead, you'll find some truths and dares to get you started.Oh, and friendly reminder: You should feel totally safe refusing to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.Or even a way to bring up your desires in a safe, casual, and fun environment?Coming up with questions for such a game can be difficult, though, so we've done it for you. This Truth or Dare couples date night idea was a TOTAL blast!!I mean we are talking laughing till your sides hurt, almost pee your pants, can’t stop smiling kind of fun!!In this game, every participant has the right to choose an option between truth or Dare.It is their choice whether to express a truth or to complete any given task.This isn't your middle-school Truth Or Dare, after all.Whether it’s you and your boyfriend only or a whole gang of your best buddies; when you play truth & dare, the time runs faster than ever before.

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