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Kids and teens are complex and often shut their parents out.They are fascinating beings whose lives can be severely disrupted by mental illness.The integration of body, mind and spirit is necessary when treating the emotional concerns of my patients..I enjoy working with all addictions and provide relapse prevention education.I am experienced in prescribing psychiatric medications but believe there is substantial evidence that the risks of most psychiatric medications are greater than the benefits.

My goal as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is to provide assessments, medication management, and referrals to help the family get back on track and achieve balance.""As an MD I am able to prescribe medication.

Special interests: integrative medicine.""I invite you to partner with me in improving your mental wellness through holistic care.

Special interests: integrative medicine.""Parenting a child and/or adolescent with a mental illness can be challenging and may require asking for help.

My experience with thousands of patients has been that therapy has much more long term benefit than medications and that with good therapy most people can gradually taper off medications eventually.

I have a sliding fee scale and accept most major insurance.""I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist and therapist with 40 years experience.

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