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Statistically speaking, the average user is going to spend more time reading data from the database than writing it, so you'll want to make sure reading the data is as painless and uses as little resources as possible.

For example, if you're building an event management app (...which I once had to do for my wife : P ) you might be thinking about how to store your users, the events you're creating, and the relationship between them. It depends on your database, your goals, and especially on your view, for example: You have an event view, where you're seeing the information about that event, inside the view, you have a guest list, that shows just that, a list of the guests who attended the event.

This way you're only pulling the data you need from the database.

By the end the structure would look something like this: This gives you the best flexibility by far, but there's a small catch (and by small I mean really big), what happens if you get my name wrong? In SQL this is painless because you just update the user's name and updates start happening magically all over your app.

If you go into And that's just a big fat NO, you can't allow that to happen, for that you can manually update every other instance where the user's name is (and by manually I mean you can create a function for it), so it would be something like: That's OK I guess, the problem is that you have no idea what the user's Internet connection is like, what if you have to update the name in several places and when the app has updated 2 nodes there's a power outage?

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This is when we try to get a bit of that data integrity that SQL databases provide :) Let me walk you through a step by step of how this update would happen in our little example: First, you'd need to create a reference to your root node: By now you should have a better understanding of how data is structured on Firebase, your next steps should be to actually put this into practice while building your next Ionic and Firebase app.

Inserted and Deleted tables automatically created have the same sense they has when being used in triggers, i.e.

Inserted table includes rows which are added to modified table whereas Deleted table includes rows deleted from modified table.

This is a guest post by Jorge Vergara who has written many tutorials about using Firebase in Ionic apps.

In this post he writes about how to structure and update your data in a No SQL database like Firebase.

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