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Discover a holistic, biblical vision of sex and gender that honors God and offers good news to the world."When Christians talk about sex, beware.Popular Christian communicators tend to either fixate on abhorrent sexual practices in our culture or sing horndog-songs-of-praise about the gift of sex.Hence I give it 4 stars because it feels incomplete -- obviously there is so much more to For a book entitled "Redeeming Sex", I expected it to have more to do with, well, sex.Hence I give it 4 stars because it feels incomplete -- obviously there is so much more to be said, but a little more of it should have been in this book. It addresses topics that the Church desperately needs to be talking and thinking about.These 'fundamentals' describe both the gifts and dangers of sexuality.In the following chapters, Hirsch discusses gender and homosexuality, Hirsch pleads for dialogue and mutual self understanding of the various positions on the options available for gay Christians (i.e." Or "How do you encourage married couples to have great sex without making unmarried people feel unvalued?" Instead it is about sexuality in a broader sense (as indeed the subtitle implies).

Hirsch describes eight fumdamentals of sex: (1) the term sexuality names the impulse to genital sexuality and social sexuality, (2) sexuality involves the whole self, (3) sexuality is embodied, (4) sexuality celebrates difference, (5) sexuality is fractured, (6)sexuality is deceptive, (7) sexuality needs a chaperone, (8) sexuality is ageless.

The latter write Christian bestsellers about the joys of marital sex with their 'smoking-hot-wives.' There is a dearth of Christian literature which speaks honestly about the gap between our church's and culture's visions of sex.

That is part of what makes Redeeming Sex so refreshing.

Part three, "The Mission of Christian Sexuality," draws these threads together.

Hirsch offers a vision of participating in Christian mission in ways that are cognizant and honor people's sexuality.

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