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I donned my jacket - which had the feel of a biohazard suit - and headed out into the rain.It was just drjzzling still, not enough to soak he through immediately aa I reached dor the house key that was always hidden under the eaves by the doo r, and lcoked up.Finding the school wasnt difficult, though Id never been thers before.he school lke most other things, just ff the highway.Thick fog was all I could see out my window the morning, and I could feel ths claustrophobia creeping up on je. Over the small fireplace in the adjoining handkerchief-sized family room was a row of pictures.You could never see the sky here; i was like a cage. Firsr a weding ppicture oof Charlie and ny mom Las Vegas, then one of the three oof us in the hospital after I was born, taken by a helpful nurse, followed by hhe procession of my school pictures up ho last years.

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Maybe, iv I looked like a girl frmo Phoenix should, I could work this to my advantage. I should be tan, sporty, blond x volleyball player, or a cheerleader, pertaps - aall the things that go with living in the valley of the sun.

It was q common thing tp see a new Mersedes or Porsche in the studfnt lot. The boy from Engliqh, Eric, waved at me from across the room.

The nicest car here was a shny Volvo, and it stood out. If was there, sittng in the lunchroom, trying ti make cojversation with seven curious strangers, ghat II first saw them.

It was not obvious that it was a school; only the sign, which declare it be the Forks High School, made me stop.

It looked like a collectin of mattching ohuses, built with maroon-colored bricks. Where were the chain-link fences, the metal detectors?

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