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Fortunately I had better results when searching for a more contemporary keyword.I got 85 results for “tribbing” which is pretty respectable, considering “tribbing” is a keyword I only encountered for the first time about a week ago.Presumably that includes every inactive member who ever created a login, but even so, such a huge number invokes the wisdom of crowds, and strongly suggests that creating a free membership isn’t entirely a waste of time.

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I got zero results for “mouthsoaping” (the “washing mouths out with soap” fetish often associated with spanking and domestic discipline scenarios) but that may reveal a defect in the search engine rather than a paucity of mouthsoaping stories; some people spell this fetish activity “mouth soaping” or “mouth-soaping” which the Lush Stories search engine parses as a search for stories containing either “mouth” or “soaping”, rather than both at once.” questions, and readers are trained to expect answers. ” is “a great big treasure-hoard of sex stories”, it’s natural enough that we would want firm numbers on the size of that hoard.Lush Stories acknowledges this need by putting its detailed up-to-the-minute stats right in the header: Upon first seeing these statistics, the most obviously important number is the total number of stories: well over forty-two thousand!Signup is, in any case, free, but it’s unclear at the time of setting up your free account what privileges the basic free membership confers.There are indications that bronze, silver, and gold membership levels exist beyond the basic free membership, but there’s no clear schedule available showing what membership levels are needed for which site privileges.In other words, it’s an adult social network at least as much as it is an erotic story collection.The stories themselves are divided into 39 categories (everything from “Anal” to “Wife Lovers”) that are individually searchable using the Lush Stories advanced search function: The advanced search does, regrettably, have some sharp limitations; it seems to treat multiple keywords as an “OR” search, which means that if you type two keywords into the search box, it will return all of the stories that contain keyword, which is much less useful than it might x Ginger: She pushed me off of her, only to climb on me herself.She spread my legs, putting one of them over her own leg and one of her legs over mine, our pussies almost touching.If you’re an old internet cynic like myself, this uncertain state of affairs feels like a red flag for the sort of bait-and-switch marketing that gets you invested in the effort of going through the signup process before you discover what it’s going to cost to get the access you actually want.On the other hand, there are (we are told) a third of a million members.

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