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- Date Left farm added to Main Window: General view screen.- My Reports - Animal Data: Option to list the groups of a particular category for the report animals.You can use a rating scale to describe: Use this form to record all medicines - not just pain medicines - you are now taking.

For these reasons we don't support very old browsers.Beta: Main Window Herd View: Press Alt W to switch main window view between existing single animal view and grid herd view.Animals in the grid can be filter, sorted, grouped for multiple options to overview your herd.As a point of information: Benguela Soft does not keep any records of client banking details, let alone ever request such details from clients as it is not necessary in the supplier/client relationship.Further Bengu Farm Mobile for GAME user login passwords are stored encrypted in the Bengu Farm administration database and not even Benguela Soft can read users`s passwords.Click on an animal to open animal in single view layout.Can also select animals and move them to groups, open them in My Reports: Animal Data and other function.The update will automatically search for the Bengu Farm installation folder and update all the necessary files.Just wait until the "Update Installed" message is displayed. Remember to activate your anti-virus again in case you have temporarily de-activated it.The web-update utility was updated and ftp connections phased out and replaced by secure web connections (https) to prevent such an interruption in Benguela Soft services in the future.This unfortunately means users will not be able to update Bengu Farm thought the web-update utility before downloading the h (or later) Bengu Farm update directly from the Bengu Farm website ( - Added RFID Export APR500 task 8017 - Animal sightings. - Microchip (EID) column added to Sales, Deaths and Culls window.

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