Scottish romances dating in scotland romances

Scottish men earned a near-perfect nine for their passion and their kissing skills.

English men, on the other hand, scored a measly 5 for passion, and a barely-better six for their attempts at lip-locking.

First, about the anthology: Eight USA TODAY and bestselling historical romance authors bring you great tales of forbidden love from the highlands of Scotland based upon the greatest Celtic legend of forbidden love – a Celtic princess being escorted to her wedding to marry a king ultimately fell in love with her knightly escort. My world is English medieval romance, so any chance to write Highlander is an exciting one for me because Highlander is just a bit more “wild” than straight English.

So began a powerful tale of great longing, of love spells, of persecution, and ultimately of a fiery passion borne from an otherworldly source. Men in kilts, with ways that are a little more rustic and brutal, and I’m very happy to explore that world.

There is pride in the ruins and renovated castles, monasteries, stone walls and roads. Scotland is a country that has witnessed tragedy after tragedy and still perseveres. I write in time periods that are rife with trauma, and for me, it is a challenge and an honor to bring love and hope and triumph to the page.

Terri Brisbin, author of I have always been drawn to Scotland — to its highlands and islands and especially to the land of myth it was in historical times.

Seriously speaking, aside from the kilt and bagpipes, the Scots are distinct in many other ways.

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There is magic, beauty, heartbreak and hope in the rolling moors, jutting mountains and sparkling lochs.However, all is not lost for Englishmen, as their good looks earned them a 9, compared with a woeful 5 for Scots.And their their party animal antics – for which the English scored 9 against Scotland’s 6 – is a more dubious attribute.Off the main road between Inverness and Aberdeen (the ceaseless noise sadly intrudes on an otherwise serene setting), three miles from the Victorian seaside town of Nairn; Inverness airport is 12 miles.You’ll need a car to get the best from the area, as there are beaches and hills for walking, castles and battlefields, several distilleries and Johnstons of Elgin for cashmere addicts – all easily under an hour’s drive away.After this discovery, the lure to write about my Scottish roots was irresistible.As the vote on independence divides Scotland, it seems there is at least one thing that unites the nation – the prowess of their men in bed.) Amy Jarecki, author of I write Scottish historical romance because of the ruggedness of the times.Highlander romances immerse the reader in a world of danger and passion.My characters travel through fantastic adventures where they often find themselves running for their lives.And when they are laid bare with nothing left to give, the hero and heroine discover who they are at their very core and what they truly desire.

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