Sagitarrius dating piecies

Aquarius craves social engagement, which translates to meeting lots of people, while Pisces is easily overwhelmed by crowds and prefers a more intimate meeting place.

A quaint cafe that's situated for people watching makes for a good compromise.

Aquarius and Pisces are the wrap-up signs of the Zodiac, and similarly far-out and unusual.

To understand their natures, you must understand that both are engaged in transpersonal energies bigger than themselves.

Upside: accepting; creative genii; avant-garde; original style. emotion; escape artists; secretive; elusive; reluctant to commit.

Pisces is sentimental and affectionate, while Aquarians prefer everyone to respect their personal bubble.

Pisces will long to a deep bond with Aquarius, which often remains out of reach.

But Pisces won't always understand the Water Bearer's aloofness and this can be stifling for Aquarius.

Both need plenty of space to grow in unexpected directions.

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