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Unfortunately, thoughts of Mike become a huge distraction and Brooke's surfing is suffering. Will Brooke lose the boy she loves in order to follow her dream?Meanwhile a young grommet from school, Nell, becomes obsessed with Amy.Bec's impending departure creates a job opening and Fly knows the perfect candidate.

To keep Solar Blue from becoming social outcasts Corey comes up with an idea to keep everyone happy. With: Liz Burch as Jilly, Brooke Callaghan as Annette, Kyro Herbert as Male Student [Larry], Ashley Cheadle as Female Student, Don halbert as Mr Savin; Surfers: Holly Matthewson Note: Ashley Cheadle, the heckling female student, is also the surfing double for Lesley Anne Mitchell (Brooke) Aus: August 30, 2006 Written by John Armstrong Directed by Ralph Strasser While at a surf club dance Mike reveals he can't dance.

One thing is for certain: nobody will ever forget their time at Blue Water High.

Eric and Mike face off for the last spot at Solar Blue.

With: , Adam Saunders as Heath, Adelaide Clemens as Juliet, Don Halbert as Mr Savin, Nick Gulliver as Announcer, Todd Lasance as Chris; Surfers: Lyndsay Noyes, Holly Matthewson, Ashley Cheadle, Mandy Zieren, Jaymes Triglone, Daniel Asmus Aus: August 02, 2006 Written by Shelley Birse Directed by Marcus Cole Fly learns the hard way about the true meaning of leadership while Heath almost blows his chances of getting the dream job he's been hoping for. With: Liz Burch as Jilly, Adam Saunders as Heath, Scott Mc Gregor as Harvey, Kim Kiely as Surf Comp Judge; Surfers: Paige Houden, Lyndsay Noyes, Holly Matthewson, Ashley Cheadle, Dane Pitman, Jaymes Triglone, Daniel Asmus Aus: August 09, 2006 Written by Shelley Birse Directed by Marcus Cole There's no surf so the Solar Blue kids decide to go abseiling.

Preoccupied with her feelings for Mike, Rachel's emotions get the better of her and she learns some painful lessons.

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