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Rachel Russo, the New York-based dating and relationship expert joins our show for the day and gives her top dating advice for men!

Rachel is a renowned dating, relationship, and life-coach for singles and couples, and she even runs one of the premier matchmaking services in New York! Russo and discover all sorts of great insights and secrets!

I create a program that maximizes their opportunities for achieving the goals we determine they’d like to accomplish for their love life.

My job is to be a detective and find out about anything that would threaten our chances of success. My approach is collaborative and it is focused on uncovering the truth and sharing it in a loving and productive way. In fact, I ended up becoming friends with some of my past clients, because I really come to care about and bond with them in this personalized work.

The people I work with are usually attractive, smart, successful, dynamic individuals who are highly motivated to find and keep a long-term relationship, get married, and/or start a family.

Finding love is both about improving ourselves and being accepted for who we are.

As they say, the grass is greener where you water it. The core messages I provide are actually very simple yet profound.

But you won’t be watering anything if you are sitting in your apartment or staying stuck in your same routine. I know some people think this is unromantic or something to do with your girlfriends, but for a first date, I think it is perfect. Seriously though, I don’t recommend meeting for drinks. For instance, the first step is to realize the relationship is dead. ) And the second is to go through the stages of the grieving process.

At this point in my career, I am lucky to say that I only coach and match clients that I truly like and feel that I can have success with.

Most of my clients are single–though I do coach couples who are looking to improve their relationship as well.

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