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Dear NYC Singles: If you want to attract the right partner, make it a priority!

The “paradox of choice” comes into play for most New Yorkers.Rachel Russo, the New York-based dating and relationship expert joins our show for the day and gives her top dating advice for men!Rachel is a renowned dating, relationship, and life-coach for singles and couples, and she even runs one of the premier matchmaking services in New York! Russo and discover all sorts of great insights and secrets!Bolstered by 12 years of experience in the dating and matchmaking industry backed by a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, she delivers here a inspiring, eye-opening and fun interview. Well, I grew up in North Jersey-twenty miles outside NYC- and spent a lot of my young years talking about boys, keeping journals about boys, and giving my friends advice about boys!As a teenager, I’d pick up self-help books that my mom had around the house and read the authors’ bios.Many have what I call “dating ADD” that keeps them from settling down.In other words, they get addicted to the roller coaster of casual dating/sex (or their careers) and just don’t see the need to focus on finding a real relationship.I customize matchmaking, dating & relationship coaching, as well as image consulting packages to meet a client’s needs, preferences, budget, and lifestyle.I believe everyone is different and no two clients have the exact same needs.In this interview, Rachel Russo, NYC Dating, Relationship, Matchmaking and Image Coach shares extremely useful insights and advice on dating and love.Renowned expert in the City, she caters her services to singles that are looking for serious relationships.

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