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The theories in this book apply to dating and marriage.

It has honestly allowed me to understand me significant other so much more.

I also have no porblem doing a few days not seeing him, currently its mainly weekends. He has his own place so its easier and i won't just invite myself over.

Ok so i'm trying to write this as clear as possible but do you think that this is just garbage made up by magazines to get us girls minds working or does this theory work.. He has come back and i didn't chase him or bombard him with txts...When I was young I used to fly into a panic that I was losing them. At some point when you feel happy settled and secure in the relationship you want to pick up your old interests, friends and time thinking alone.Deny some-one the ability to go back to those things if enjoyed before you, is a sure-fire way to court a failing relationship.Also would i be right in saying that us girls crave more time with out guys that guys crave with there girls.That being that i'd be happy to spend alot more time with him than he would me.Basically acted different and to me yes this rubber band theory does seem to have some meaning to it and i think this past weekend signifyes that for me.. But this rubber band thing does make sense and if i can keep a hold of this theory of thinking then, well who knows.Then again maybe we just get smarter as we get older. I just posted about this book in my other post and people were very defensive about saying this book was "disclaimed".Hi all, So i've never really put up an opinion thread before but i've been doing alot of thinking and wanted to see what your otheres opinions where. Things up till thursday where fine but over the course of the days i cudn't get two words out of him, no txts unless i txted (which i did twice) and they didn't last long. So me being a girl of course i anylised all of this.I'm with my guy 8 months and have been noticing a trend of him kinda pulling away, for no apparent reason, the txting mgs decreasing and the bain of my life stopping replying during conversation. Why isn't he txting me, why doesn't he want to see me, doesn't he like me anymore, we spend every weekend together maybe he's getting bored of me..Txting asking to meet up and putting xox in his txt..To me very strange behaviour until my cus, who god love her has had to listen to me moand and venting pointed out an article she had read about the rubber band effect.

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