Reed deming and beatrice miller dating

Anderson, Darlene Blakeslee, Elisa Blommer, Renee A. Mc Daniel, Jennifer Miesbach, Maria Mills, Dee Mooney, Tamara O’ Connor, Tessia Park, Michelle Points, Raquel Quintero, Robin Scruton, Marisol Trejo, Karla Trovato, Ellen Weiss, Vickie M.

Whitham, MS RN NE-BC 2009 Honorees: Julie Barnes, Marcy Chadwell, Theresa A.

The producers' auditions began on March 14, 2012 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

The judges' houses was filmed September 14 & 15, 2012.

Task 1 involved the contestants had to sing solo, after which the judges eliminated half of the acts, bringing the total down to 60.

In Task 2 the contestants were paired up to perform together.

Drake, Alicia Duke, Julie Eng, Carol Engler, Julie A. D., Niki Forbing-Orr, Ann Grinnell, Angie Hagler, Lori Hilton, Judy C.

Henry, Lynn Hoffman, Anne Dragoo Jones, Celeste Keller, Debra Kunkler, Carol Lish, Mary Lou Long, Rhonda Noble, Diane Norris, Mary Jo Nyblad, Kaye O’Riordan, Patricia Olsson, Sharon Payne, Michelle Soderlund, Louann J. Thomas, Marjorie Van Vooren, Jo Anne Wertz, Tammy Wheeler, Kathy Yoshida 1996 Honorees: Tracy Andrus, Maggie Brilz, Margaret “Meg” Carlson, Nora J. Spackman, Sharon Strickland, Odette Sutton, Karla Williams, Patricia Naughton Wolfla 1995 Honorees: Sandra Breuer, Mary Beth Carson, Candy Wagahoff Dale, Marge Garey, Leslie Giallombardo, Heidi M.

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