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Granted, AIM Chat was still fairly robust and meeting people was a possibility in those chat rooms.


Those that laugh at him or deride his use of unique weapons tend to find themselves on the business ends, plural, of boomerangs.#59 (1950) Description: Deadshot is an assassin with dozens and dozens of hits under his belt thanks to his skill with firearms.Captain Boomerang initially began as a persona Harkness put on as an act of sorts, but he continued to use it as he turned to a life of crime.As the name suggests, Captain Boomerang participated in a series of capers wherein he would use boomerangs of all shapes and sizes to confound the Flash, his usual nemesis.Just few clicks and you will see Money and RP points raining in your gaming account.…continue reading » Webcam video chat rooms are free and no need to sign up.Lawton’s an expert marksman with a death wish--but it can’t just be any death, it has to be an incredibly satisfying one.The whole “I’m an assassin” thing eventually found him crossing paths with Batman, who took down the villain and placed him in prison.Which is where Deadshot was recruited into the Suicide Squad, of course.His particular set of skills and determination makes him one of, if not the, deadliest members of the team.Of the Squad, Chato Santana’s El Diablo is one of those most impacted by DC Comics’ continuity shenanigans.They’re taking different people and doing it.” Perhaps, the biggest question people who gain celebrity from reality television have to ask themselves when the show ends is, what’s next?

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