Radioactive dating lava

However, human ideas of "truth" are not or at least should not be above all question.

In fact, truth is made all the more clear when it is challenged.

Often the thought crosses my mind that scientists are just as fervent and religious in their thinking as any other church-going community. I'm not saying that a little religious zeal is a bad thing - even for scientists.

Many truths are very important and should be defended.

In this case I could quite rationally hypothesize either a mindless non-deliberate cause (i.e., a tree limb, strong gust of wind, hail from a storm, etc) or a deliberate intelligent cause (i.e., a robber, a kid with rock or pellet gun, etc).

However, if I were to walk by that same house later in the day and find that this same window had been repaired, how easy would it be for me to hypothesize a random mindless process as a cause?

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Would a God who is actually trying to be recognized as enormously powerful and intelligent actually be harder to identify than an intelligent and powerful "alien" civilization sending radiosignals to our planet?

Even within our own world, entire scientific disciplines, such as forensic science, are based on discovering the workings of purpose and intelligence.

Clearly then, scientists seem quite confident in their abilities to detect intelligent activity as long as it has nothing to do with the origin of life or the fundamental workings of the universe and it isn't given the label of "God".

No answer can be "God probably did it" for a scientist, by definition, because God is defined as being non-materialistic or outside of Nature. If an all-powerful God wished to hide from us, he most certainly could do that - no doubt.

Therefore, scientists commonly argue that God, if he even exists, is beyond the detection of science - that he cannot be ruled in or out of any equation. However, what if God wished to reveal himself through the physical world?

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