Radioactive dating lava

Even within our own world, entire scientific disciplines, such as forensic science, are based on discovering the workings of purpose and intelligence.

Clearly then, scientists seem quite confident in their abilities to detect intelligent activity as long as it has nothing to do with the origin of life or the fundamental workings of the universe and it isn't given the label of "God".

In this case I could quite rationally hypothesize either a mindless non-deliberate cause (i.e., a tree limb, strong gust of wind, hail from a storm, etc) or a deliberate intelligent cause (i.e., a robber, a kid with rock or pellet gun, etc).

However, if I were to walk by that same house later in the day and find that this same window had been repaired, how easy would it be for me to hypothesize a random mindless process as a cause?

Interestingly enough though, the scientific method does not detect truth directly.

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The dedication of the scientific community at large to these ideas is generally no less dogmatic and passionate than the religious fervor of the most hardened sectarian fundamentalist.No answer can be "God probably did it" for a scientist, by definition, because God is defined as being non-materialistic or outside of Nature. If an all-powerful God wished to hide from us, he most certainly could do that - no doubt.Therefore, scientists commonly argue that God, if he even exists, is beyond the detection of science - that he cannot be ruled in or out of any equation. However, what if God wished to reveal himself through the physical world?Humans are in fact capable of designing amorphous rocks, but so are very lowly mindless randomly acting natural processes.The same is true if I were to walk by a house in the morning and see that it had a broken window.Isn't it at least theoretically possible that some very intelligent yet "natural" mind might have been behind the origin of life on this planet?How is this possibility beyond the realm of scientific investigation? Does its form give evidence of deliberate design over a mindless cause? The farce continues until a child exclaims, "The Emperor has no clothes!Certainly it is true that I am human, prone to bias.Since no theory is ever fully proven by the scientific method, no one should ever consider any theory or even "fact" above all question.When a theory or interpretation can no longer be questioned, it leaves the realm of science and moves into the realm of holy, untouchable, religious dogma.

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