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If you click Done, Quicken displays a message box that provides some cursory explanations as to why your account doesn’t balance.Then, if you indicate that you want to soldier on anyway, Quicken displays the Adjust Balance dialog box.Note: One Step Update doesn't work with Web Connect accounts.

If you want to reconcile later without saving your unfinished work, click Cancel in the Reconcile: Checking window and then click Yes when Quicken asks you whether you really want to quit without saving your work.Either way, postponing a reconciliation and not choosing to adjust the bank account balance is usually the best approach because it enables you to locate and correct problems.Then you can restart the reconciliation and finish your work.Quicken displays a congratulatory message telling you how proud it is of you; then it asks whether you want to print a Reconciliation report.As part of the finishing-up process, Quicken changes all the cs to Rs. Quicken makes the changes to identify the transactions that have already been reconciled.(Refer to your bank statement for this information.) To do so, follow these steps: After you mark all the cleared checks and deposits, the difference between the cleared balance for the account and the bank statement’s ending balance should equal zero.The figure shows a Reconcile: Checking window in which everything is hunky-dory, and life is grand. Just click the Done button to tell Quicken that you’re done.In most cases, these errors resolve themselves within 24 hours and you will be able to connect on the next business day.If the error persists, please call us at OL-226 and 226 B - when trying to download new transactions, send online payments, or set up online account services.The next time you click the Reconcile button, you’ll have to start over from scratch.If you can’t get your account to reconcile but want to save your work, click the Finish Later button.

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