Questions dating woman should ask

Ask about his favorite books and the worst book he has ever read.You can learn a lot about people when you discover their dislikes, as well as their likes, especially in the reading department.These are five questions every woman should ask on a first date to weed out the insecure guys with bad intentions.You can tell a lot about a person by getting to know their past.

Guys who are on dates for flings and one-night-stands won’t be interested in talking about the future. When you talk about the people in your lives, it’s fun to ask about his favorite people.

A burning question many people have on their mind is about the future. Women especially want to know what men have planned for the future, but they often worry about coming on too strong or appearing desperate.

So, rather than ask about future plans, ask about one thing they want to accomplish.

Doing this takes the pressure off about the marriage and kids questions, and allows you an opportunity to explore something exciting that he wants to do.

Maybe he wants to climb Mount Everest, or maybe he wants to refurbish his father’s old car.

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