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Your comanager Chris Lighty told me a few years ago that every time you went into the studio, the success of the first three Tribe albums weighed on your shoulders. It was obvious that something was wrong during the making of Beats, Rhymes and Life. I think it was off because I just had taken my shahada [a declaration of religious belief; Q-Tip is a Sunni Muslim].

And there’s more of a folklore type of hero thing to it — but then, it’s very fickle. People who are in hip-hop are invested in the culture, and the minute you fuck with it, it’s like you’re fucking with their biochemistry, you’re fucking with their lifeline. Motherfuckers were pissed at Charlie Parker and Dizzy [Gillespie]. Race has something to do with it because by being African American, by default, you are a creature of politics.

My dad used to write poetry and my sister was this really amazing writer, so I was also naturally into writing. I sang in church, but growing up in the neighborhood, music was more of an expression of relief or entertainment.

After listening to the Sugarhill Gang, he was like, “Listen to this, man.

You would hear sounds and then get mental pictures of what these sounds felt like to you. It made you want to get tickets to the show, buy the album, put the poster on the wall. Amplified was criticized as being a too-flashy departure from Tribe. It’s because, in action, the majority of people prefer comfort rather than progression. You have another celebrity opening up your new album. I feel that there are a lot of things in society that speak to a renaissance or change, and I feel like he embodies that.

In theory, people would pick progression every time over being idle. I feel like, where I’m at, I’m into my music so much more, and I’m thinking about the relationship with the fans and being as creative as possible.

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