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I think we’ll kind of see that experience happen with Gus a little bit.” Hill loved having Simon on set, and his costar even thinks it may have helped get into character quicker. “I think part of that was the very first thing we shot was with Jazmyn Simon.

I think there was a little bit of a ‘Hey baby, this is how we do it,’ that was sort of motivating him to be at the top of his game right away.” The other curious detail Psych-Os may have noticed in the first-look photo is that Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen) is sporting a trendy fedora.

“[Omundson’s stroke] kind of forced us to rethink a lot.

First and foremost, whether or not we should be making this movie — if it even made sense and if the timing was right or not.

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One of the running jokes on was how desperate Gus was to find a romantic partner, and that quest continues in earnest in the film.“When everybody else is off battling bad guys and fighting the scariest foes they’ve ever fought, Shawn and Gus find a way to stumble into something that’s incredibly silly yet appropriate and sort of takes some of the tension out of the air by making the whole thing really fun.” Check out the photo below and then keep reading on for five things you need to know about the movie.Ralph Macchio isn’t the only familiar face who will pop up in the movie.That questionable accessory is actually a major hint as to what has gone on in Henry’s life since the show ended.At the end of the series, Henry sold his house to Lassiter, and in the intervening years, he moves to a loft space by the docks.“The first time we see Henry, he’s in full hipster regalia. August 12, 1980, in Louisville, KY) is an American actress best known for her role as Juliet O'Hara on Psych.Soon, the area gentrifies, and Henry decides to evolve along with it instead of fighting it like a curmudgeonly old man.“He’s become the hip old guy in the neighborhood,” says Franks.This is the first time we see the entire group together in the film.“It leads to a very intense, very emotional, and possibly most ridiculous thing we’ve ever done,” says Franks.

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