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The table could use a make over; e.g., sanding and refinishing but I plan to leave it as is.Pop was an excellent player and I rarely won a game of checkers with him since he could see about 3 more moves ahead of you all the time, however I won the first game ever played on this table.Pix of Bill Porter taken on 06-01-08 drilling a hole into a box call lid for the installation of standard Eagle medallion and laying out a custom mother of pearl inlay pattern.It has been many years since doing any serious custom inlay work, but it is like riding a bicycle, it is coming back quickly.Table has a small drawer underneath and visible from the other side to store the checkers.

He was an honest hardworking man devoted to his wife and family and is greatly missed but not forgotten!Mom shared her singing in many services in and around Anson County. She suffered greatly the past seven (7) weeks and was a cancer survivor of about four years and finally succumbed to congestive heart failure.During her much suffering, when asked how she was doing, she would answer, "I am trying" attempting to maintain a positive attitude and outlook.I don't consider myself an expert at anything simply because I have never found one particular area to hold my interest and devotion but for a certain length of time, whereas many are able to find their own particular profession, hobby and passion to become a Master at it.However, I have never been afraid to try a new challenge and task and do think outside the box which many times is considered unorthodox.He would tie that stick up to a hitching post just like it was a real horse at the end of his ride.Back in the 1950s kids created their own toys and to entertain themselves and others.Like our "Pop", she was a hard working woman and loved our Dad and her children dearly and did the best she could by us and lead us in the right direction.She had a beautiful strong Alto voice and shared her God given talent that was nurtured early on with singing and music lessons proved by a prominent Wadesboro resident. Like our "Pop", Mom had a continuous testimony for Jesus Christ and did her part witnessing the great Love that Jesus Christ has for us all and how to obtain Salvation.Our "Pop" William Porter taught us the value and respect of the great outdoors and we shared many memorable days hunting cottontail rabbits with all breeds of hounds and later had to use the small beagles because of the increase in the Whitetail deer population.Pop loved woodworking and made a great porch/yard swing with the correct seat and back angle curve and used "old world techniques" such as a draw knife, chisel, etc. Some of my earliest wood working projects got its start from "Pop" who taught me how to make a rabbit box, rabbit trap or rabbit gun, which ever you choose to call them.

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