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The Old Jewish Cemetery and Jewish Museum, meanwhile, celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity that largely ended after WWII.And see Prague’s new face at Náplavka, the Vltava riverbank in Nové Město where world music, pop-up bars and a farmers market attract international revelers.Kafka’s oft-cited line about little Mother Prague having claws is no joke - nor is the equating of the word Bohemian with a life based on sensation seeking.Thus, even the Hugo Boss suit types manage to find time for a beer and a 90-minute lunch of goulash or a smoke under the chestnut trees.

But the compact city of 1.2 million, divided by the picturesque green river and linked by stone bridges, has always been about not just truth but opportunity - not always for the good, certainly.The city can also come off as quite rude - when clerks would rather (and may well) smoke now and serve customers when they get around to it.But if that’s the price of living for enjoyment, so be it - just be advised you may just get infected yourself and decide to stay on to become a novelist or a jazz singer.Czech law requires that you always have personal ID about your person, so keep your passport on you.hen you address someone, whether to share a table in a pub or to buy something in a shop, say “dobrý den” for “good day” or “dobrý večer” for “good evening.” Most Czechs in Prague’s centre speak excellent English - but greatly appreciate your attempts at a few phrases of Czech, even if it’s just “děkuji” for “thank you” or “prosím” for “please.” Prague is, for better or worse, used to hordes of mates on drinking rampages – but recent laws banned public drinking in many of the city’s main parks so best to be discreet in between pub visits.heck the pulse of the most compelling transformation of the New Europe.It’s easy to forget, just 20 years on, that Czechoslovakia emerged from the fall of the Iron Curtain with a once-jailed dissident as president, inspiring the world.Soviet agents, German militants, Habsburg colonists and Iron Age Slavic hordes all were drawn to the Golden City.This bend of the north-flowing Vltava has, despite its long, gray winters, pulled in wanderers with some unseen but immutable force.We shall be delighted to meet you for a chat to outline our matchmaker services.We assist you by discussing the women's characters so you make the right choices.

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