Play wii games without updating console

It is one of the best solutions for retro consoles, because it can properly process older signals and improve the image quality.While there are also a couple of other good alternatives (like OSSC or some very expensive professional video processors), you need to consider, that Framemeister has not only a lot of inputs, but also has functions, other upscalers do not have, like digital zoom, aspect ratio control, manual scaling, resolution upscaling (instead of just line doubling).PD: The F355 Challenger (eu) works with 0x8cfe0000 option, but only after typing this option. They do not need to be saved, you can simply switch the options you want and without save a preset you can run selected image (need select it before change options). BIN not have the hacked library or just have a different name.If you try to run the recorded Presset not working again forcing delete and retype the option. and tested with some games and hacking the 1ST_READ. BIN Pro Pinball Trillogy game forcing the VGA works but selecting the pinball game will be black In the case of Death OX Crimsom this works without problems ...

Because need only positive )) This list is very helpful in the comprehension of the result. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X worked perfect but now before the title screen will be black (0.4.1).

Add to the list: Skies of Arcadia (us) - sega bios - no problem Skies of Arcadia (us) - sd_loader_- not working Shenmue I/II (eu) - sega bios - not working Shenmue I/II (eu) - sd_loader_- not working Dino Crisis (eu) no problem, but seems some videos change resolution to 320x240, VGA doesn't support it. Jeremy Mc Grath Supercross 2000 (eu) no problem Max Steel Covert Missions (us) no problem 4 Wheel Thunder (us) without music (wav) Re-Volt (us) race can't be started... When this happened I had to format the HDD and re-copy the files. I will try to get the game region (us) to see how it goes. Sega Bass Fishing 2 (us) no problem Phantasy Star Online Ver.

Nor I can enable the DMA option for fear that I fuck the HDD again. This does not happen all occasions but it randomly. 1 (us) no problem All these Japanese games will not boot : Sakura Taisen 4 Interlude Baldr Force EXE Border Down Mizuiro Bittersweet Fools - The Renai Adventure Snow King of Fighters 2002 Izumo First Kiss Story II Shikigami no Shiro II After many tests and I noticed that this happens when the 1ST_READ.

In addition to the current Iso Loader Fixed various problems both graphics (Dead or Alive 2 Ult and Virtua Tennis) and freeze after a few minutes (Virtua Tennis 2) , others as Frame Gride (one of my favorites) is still freezing when starting a fight Are pending Dino Crisis and 7 Mansions to do further testing.

Update: Virtua striker 2 Ver: 2000.1 An interesting game for me without being Football soccer fan add it to the list because I ran it using high memory settings.

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