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Realize though, this could also be true for two women and/or two men.So really it has nothing to do with gender, but rather feelings of love and its reciprocity or lack thereof.My girlfriend and I work together and these men friends work with us and she really felt they were friends , I later asked her how she would feel as the wife to her men friends and well she said she didn't have a problem with it,then went on to confirm what a friend is to her.That's the whole point,giving personal time and sharing interests with an opposite sex friend is cheating literally because to be honest you can never have enough of your lover,so where on earth would you get such space to take workmates and other people you are just supposed to know to fit as friends.

Totally wrong, though your misunderstanding is understandable and normal.Have they truly never had a platonic friendship with someone of the opposite sex? And certainly, meeting someone who is all of those things does not automatically equate with wanting to marry or bed them. I'd like to think that we have evolved - that we have the capacity to go beyond defining ourselves exclusively by whatever genitalia we were assigned.Since high school I have always enjoyed my friendships with men.But I might also realize that EVEN IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY and SHE WANTED TO, circumstances might dictate that it's a bad idea, and I would say no.And yes, that has actually happened, and I did just that. I really disagree with your portrayal of men as complete animals who simply can't control themselves.Women don't seem to grasp this one, but for most guys its just how we are.Now if I find you unattractive, then I can be your friend because there is no sexual feelings on my part.I can honestly be friends with males - no sexual desires or anything.An honest PLATONIC friendship on my side and I believe it is possible.- but then again you said it can't be unless a guy don't find you attractive.only a girl could think and say this Of course sex was an issue. And because there was mutual attraction, we couldn't separate it. You couldn't be friends until the sexual issue was settled, and it was settled only when you rejected it.So you were friends but only by establishing attraction, having one offering herself sexually, and it being rejected.

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