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You can use the following steps to create a new Contacts folder in your Outlook data file.While I don't recommend using Contacts folders as a filter for your Contacts because it makes it harder to manage the contacts, it can be helpful to sort contacts using two or three folders.To remove the email address from the Display as/Display Name field, see Bulk Change Email Display Name Format.In the Address Book's (Ctrl Shift B) Tools, Options dialog, you'll find the options to select which address book is shown first when you click To, where your personal addresses are kept, and the order auto-resolution searches your address books.To enable the folder as an Address Book You can right click on any folder and choose New folder but the folder will default to a subfolder of the selected folder and be the same folder type.

Learn More You no longer need a message pad or a separate phone messaging program.Easily use your mobile phone or remote computer to manage your Out’n About! Just fill out the subject line and send the email to your Out’n About email. Requires Outlook to be running on the user’s machine.Works on even your most forgetful of employees Out’n About!This feature can also be used to indicate when you are in the office but are not available or do not want to be disturbed.Control your status and view the status board with a simple email.Employees can perform a status message update when they leave the desk for any reason, such as lunch or a meeting.There’s no guesswork to return times – employees input their exact return information in the status message area upon leaving their desk.Once you have found (and downloaded) the driver, remove the current driver (again in Device Manager) by again right clicking, then clicking uninstall.You must un-install it completely even if the fresh driver is the same date Bug Check Code 124 Backing up your important email data .One area which leaves many users confused is where the Outlook address book gets the display names from.As seen in the screenshot below, Contact's File as field is used in the Name field of the address book and the email display name (Display as) field is used for the Display name field.

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