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for Outlook contains a presence sensing feature that automatically alerts you when you use your computer and are currently Checked Out to ensure you have not forgotten to check In when returning to the office. Check IN Alert windows are useless if you are not sitting in front of your computer. for Outlook Mobile Reminder feature solves this problem allowing you to automatically forward Outlook Reminders and Out’n About!

Check IN Alerts to your mobile phone, pager, or any e-mail address when you are away from your desk.

I recommend using Categories, not Contact folders, to sort contacts.

Use Custom views, Group by Category view, and Instant Search to find contacts. If you want the new folder to be at the same level as the Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Outbox, etc, select the top of your data file or mailbox.

The dialog is slightly changed in Outlook 2010 and newer, due to the new feature where Outlook chooses the sending account based on the folders you are viewing.

The panel also contains a filter dialog which allows users to filter users by different search criteria.To enable the folder as an Address Book You can right click on any folder and choose New folder but the folder will default to a subfolder of the selected folder and be the same folder type.You'll need to remember to choose the folder type and select where you want the folder to be created.You can use the following steps to create a new Contacts folder in your Outlook data file.While I don't recommend using Contacts folders as a filter for your Contacts because it makes it harder to manage the contacts, it can be helpful to sort contacts using two or three folders.One area which leaves many users confused is where the Outlook address book gets the display names from.As seen in the screenshot below, Contact's File as field is used in the Name field of the address book and the email display name (Display as) field is used for the Display name field.Contact and Address book settings are found in three locations in Outlook.These settings control the search order of the address books (when Outlook needs to resolve the addresses) as well as the display in the address book when you click to To button.Learn More Schedule future status events (e.g., meetings, travel, or vacation) based on Outlook Appointment items. will automatically change your status based on the settings you define.Learn More You no longer need a message pad or a separate phone messaging program.

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