Opensuse 12 1 updating

Simply run the zypper command as suggested by the output and reboot your VM to apply the changes. To capture the VM that you have just updated, follow these instructions. Note that these steps are only required for old Azure images due to the planned changes in Windows Azure.All newly built Studio images already incorporate these changes and do not need these manual changes. You will be asked about acceptation of licences and stuff like that, answer "yes" if you agree and would like the installation to proceed. For my system it was 1948 packages to be downloaded. this command will actually install all the previously downloaded stuff. Zypper is the bases for all of the auto-update functions in Open SUSE.

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"Personal Images" are those that you have created by capturing a VM into your storage account. Skip to the next step if you do not have a personal image and are updating a running VM.So you should stay current with R releases if you perform your regular OS upodates.Below for at least all actively maintained releases of open SUSE available. For your convenience older releases are supported as long as no work is required to keep R compiling for those unmaintained releases of open SUSE.Should I add another repository containing the latest version of curl and run zypper update again?Do you have any suggestion on how to handle this upgrade without breaking anything?The requirement of texinfo 5.1 in R-3.2.0 leads to a shorter list of supported releases.From now on only 12.3 and newer releases are supported.You can use the zypper package manager to install Advanced Server or Advanced Server supporting components on an SLES 12 host.zypper will attempt to satisfy package dependencies as it installs a package, but some components require access to specific repositories that are not hosted at Enterprise DB. Retrieving repository 'EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6 12 - x86_64' metadata -----------------------[\]Retrieving repository 'EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6 12 - x86_64' metadata...................................[done]Building repository 'EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6 12 - x86_64' cache..........................[done]All repositories have been refreshed....Microsoft is updating Windows Azure to improve the performance and stability of their virtual machines (VM), currently still in preview.This requires immediate action by January 15, 2013 for custom Linux images that fit the following descriptions: There is no impact to your running Linux VMs.

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