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It needs to give you something to think about when you’re trying to drop off to sleep at night; to make you wonder whether that creaking noise down the hallway was just the house settling, or something lurking in the shadows.Since you don't know exactly what time the egg is released, waiting til that day or the day after is probably too late.The first thing you need to know is how long your cycle is and first day to first day doesn't mean you count the first day twice.Now Tim (Brenton Thwaites) is out of prison, Kaylie (Karen Gillan) wants to prove he was innocent by conducting an experiment on the mirror…When Cesar (Luis Tosar) finds one tenant is harder to upset than the others, his behaviour escalates until he’s committing unimaginably grotesque crimes against the poor girl.Probably the best horror anthology ever made, this Ealing Studios production includes five individual stories and one wrap-around narrative.Yes, it’s found footage, and yes, it’s a little bit on the silly side – it chucks in quotes from Dante and a few too many sad-faced ghosts – but some of the scares along the way are properly frightening.Eleven years ago, Alan (Rory Cochrane) bought an antique mirror…continue reading » The path of royal love rarely runs smooth, and Prince William and Kate Middleton certainly have stumbled along their way, not least over all the other gorgeous young women in the prince's orbit.In an excerpt from her new book, the author takes the couple from their 2001 meeting at the University of St. When a documentary maker and his girlfriend stumble across what looks like his workshop, they become obsessed with finding out the truth about Mr Jones, but the truth isn’t particularly easy to stomach.It’s a brilliantly over the top concept, and the way it plays out is incredibly eerie.

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