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After an hour we closed down the system, somewhat drained by the effort of making small-talk with people we had never met before.

The experience of being beamed into a stranger's bedroom feels intrusive and unsettling and has worrying implications for teenagers who are more used to sharing personal information on the web.

Omegle chat is actually an exciting idea and way to chat with strangers from the world over the world.

It is also a convenient and flexible choice to connect with others randomly.

On the right is a larger text box where you chat via typed messages. Our first match was with a teenage girl, who hid her face under long lank brown hair.

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Users are ruthless on Chat Roulette and are quick to move on if they don't like the look of their online partner. After a few more false starts we met Pablo - a 36-year-old who said he was an ATM engineer from Chile.I decided to try out the service for myself and see what the fuss was about...Armed with a friend and a large mug of tea I logged on and nervously entered the chat room. There are two boxes on the left side of the page for the webcam feeds - one for you and one for your 'partner'.The website also claims obscene material will not be tolerated but countless users have reported being exposed to shots of men performing obscene acts in front of the screen.The website was created by a Russian student and appeared in November last year.Some commentators say the website is a throwback to the heady early days of the web and the first experimental chatrooms.For my part I hope we have learned to be more cynical and less trusting since then. Lots of gorgeous and sweet people of the world are meeting each other through the exciting chat options of the Omegle chat.Sites like Omegle offers the members an exciting random chat option for some fascinating people.Recently there have been cases of Jo Public finding themselves face to face with celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Kelly Osbourne.One American actor called TJ Miller, even flew out two girls from Liverpool to the set of the new Yogi Bear film in New Zealand after meeting them through the website.

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